Who we are.

Hey! I'm Taryn (@tarynm), the founder of King of Hearts. Based in Los Angeles, California.

We are a faith-based streetwear clothing company that exists to spread the message of amazing grace and unfailing, reckless love. 

I founded this company with a vision to give back to those in need in our local community, as well as nationally and globally. At the very minimum, 10% of all profits are donated to different charitable outreaches. We hope to increase this percentage as our brand grows and becomes self-sustainable. 

I grew up in Australia and moved to LA in 2013. I am a Pastors' kid aka a "PK" to those in the biz ;). When I was little, I was able to watch first hand as my parents founded an outreach in India. Over there we began educating and caring for what has now been hundreds of children as well as running feeding and medical outreaches and providing disaster relief to different areas as we are able to.

The work continues today and we currently have around 80 children that we care for. These projects are all funded by our generous community back in Australia. Unfortunately, it's not always enough and my parents constantly sacrifice their own wages for months on end to ensure these children do not go hungry. This is not okay with me. The burden should not be on a faithful few. I don't think we should leave all the giving to one group of people and sit back and watch.

I have created this brand so that these children can have a better life. I want to actively support this work in India and see it grow and continue to change countless more lives; as well as supporting other charities both here in LA and abroad, as I feel led by God. 

Love all, serve all. What else matters?

Let's do this! 

So thankful for you,

Taryn :)